wireless router cannot connect with modem router

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wireless router cannot connect with modem router

New postby Pullalite » 07 Jul 2011 19:11

hye guys need ur help again. im using a tplink tl-wr340g wireless router with an aztech adsl 705E router+modem. the thing is when i use the modem together with the wireless router i cannot get internet. but when i directly connect my laptop to the modem i can get internet. please need help :( :???:
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Re: wireless router cannot connect with modem router

New postby Zeroes » 20 Jul 2011 15:46

Have you got it working yet? We just moved to new office and the new Unifi router is giving some problem for us too (unidentified network'). so far we found 2 ways to overcome this:

1. Connect the laptop to the AP using wireless. Then connect using cable as well. Somehow, this made the computer to 'recognise' the connection (not always though) and you can unplug the cable connection.

2. Go to the router's control panel using the browser and check the wireless setting for anything amiss. We found that our router setting has disabled the 802.11n setting. When we changed and enabled that, voila, the network connection can now be identified :cheers:

Maybe some others can give more scientific / objective answers. Seems like many people are experiencing the same problem.
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