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Best dedicated server hosting in Malaysia

New postPosted: 01 Apr 2007 13:22
by navin
Any Suggestion???

Re: Best dedicated server hosting in Malaysia

New postPosted: 01 Apr 2007 20:26
by Ian
navin wrote:Any Suggestion???

Do you want free or paid server? Linux or Windows?? Whats the size of your data needed? Whats your budget??

Need more to get accurate googling results though.. :)

New postPosted: 01 Apr 2007 23:49
by thewan
i've yet to find any free malaysian server hosting though

Paid dedicated Server /Windows based

New postPosted: 02 Apr 2007 17:04
by navin
Paid dedicated Server /Windows based

Re: Paid dedicated Server /Windows based

New postPosted: 03 Apr 2007 01:49
by Ian
navin wrote:Paid dedicated Server /Windows based

I can say their one is compettitive:

So far no errors unless you mess with the files inside servers, lol, thats whats happened to me actually.. :lol:

Try contact them at the contact form below:

New postPosted: 10 Apr 2007 15:33
by ndgoh

New postPosted: 17 Apr 2007 08:48
by MG

Re: Best dedicated server hosting in Malaysia

New postPosted: 25 Feb 2011 11:57
by kaethy
Well, to be frank, the best Malaysian hosting service can only be determined by the user themselves and is a subjective opinion. You may find a lot of discussion going on in the forums about choosing the best malaysia hosting service. Some people say that one company is the best Malaysia web hosting service while others say another is the best Malaysian webhosting company around. The proof sometimes comes in the form of numbers. As an example, an established Malaysian hosting called SHINJIRU is a very top web hosting provider in Malaysia. Many people claim that they are the best service to use and cannot be beat. However, the numbers show that Exabytes (more than 15.5K domains hosted) actually hosts more than double the amount of websites that they do making SHINJIRU (5,788 domains hosted) number two!

Just this one statistic alone is never enough! In fact, it can be pretty hard to single out the best Malaysia web hosting company nowadays as people can continue to debate all day long on which Malaysian hosting company is the best of them all. With more new webhosting companies (e.g. ServerFreak, Sempoihosting, Malaysia Hoster etc.) coming out, it can be seen that our Malaysian webhosting industry is getting more competitive nowadays and the one that provides the best features and reliability will come up top.

For student and personal use, you don’t have to actually spend exorbitant amount of money to get yourself a good and reliable hosting. Before you buy, you have to perform your research first and identify which Malaysian hosting suits your needs the best. Also, the pricing is a very important issue when deciding which Malaysian hosting is actually the best. For instance, let’s say that two Malaysian hosting companies have similar or exactly the same features, security measures, guaranteed up time, 24/7 monitoring, backups, etc. but one of them cost more money than the other one. In this situation, you may want to seriously consider going with the one that is less expensive. Just because something costs more money does NOT mean that is of better quality by any means.

Always keep in mind of it !

Well, coming back to our earlier examples on Exabytes and Shinjiru. With the fifteen thousand plus website owners that host their site with Exabytes they have a very large portion of the Malaysian hosting market. Does that mean that they are the best of the best Malaysian hosting service? Some will insist that it does, and others will say no way. Again, many things like this in life are subjective, but doing your own research, reading the facts as well as checking out REAL customer reviews is the only honest, logical way to come to a decision about which Malaysian hosting is the best for you or your business.

Overall, there s simply a wide range of choice when it comes to selecting the best Malaysia web hosting company. Each of the Malaysia hosting provider offer different hosting packages to meet different business demand. Whether you are an avid blogger, student or an enterprise looking for a reliable hosting service to host your own company website, then you really need to consider your choice carefully. You ll want to look at factors like service, up-time, the reviews from other customers and (of course) price when making a decision. Based on my experience, many individuals tend to overlook these tiny yet important details when it comes to selecting the best Malaysia web hosting provider. As a matter of fact, always make your decision based on how many sites you are constructing, your hosting costs, the ability to avoid C-class redundancy and your ability to manage your websites.

It consulting services

Re: Best dedicated server hosting in Malaysia

New postPosted: 09 Apr 2011 11:42
by sahaya
for best dedicated hosting try this site. its cheap and faster. i got hosting through this site.

Re: Best dedicated server hosting in Malaysia

New postPosted: 27 Jun 2011 17:02
by shamilton
Why not go for an international webhosting company? They usually have a better package and a better support service team. I host with this one and I can't complain, they offer everything you'll need.