Games Development Workshop ( Malaysia )

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Games Development Workshop ( Malaysia )

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Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen. In an effort to spur the Games Development in Malaysia
Ammobox Studios is now launching a Games Development Workshop program.
It is a small crash course, teaching you the basics of games development
and have some first-hand experience trying it out. We have thought long and hard about
this program, looking at the needs to cater to those who never had any experience in
creating games; we needed to choose an engine that allows start-to-end training in a
4 x 8 Hour class. Simple and yet have the ability for a complete newbie to create a custom
playable mod. Thus we have chosen Warcraft 3 Modding tools to begin with.

Our teams are experienced indie game developers. We're the guys behind a Malaysian Indie Project
([url=""]Project Combine : FPS/RTS hybrid[/url])
We are also capable of training in other platform such as UDK , Starcraft 2 , Unity, etc. But that is a story
for another day.

For your information, Warcraft 3 Modding Tool uses the Engine that was used to make many interesting mod,
one of it is DoTA which is an immensely popular mod around the world. Discover in this workshop how are
mods such as DoTA is made. In fact we will even give you a chance to create your own mod with similar gameplay.

The workshop is targeted for students aged 14 and above including college students .
Working Adults are also welcomed if they have the heart for video games and
is curious about its development.

This workshop will be split into a 4-session class, each lasting 8 hours.
We will run through with participants the whole process of creating a game
and most imprtantly, participant will have a finished playable mod
by the end of the workshop.

The first planned workshop will be in Penang. KL one is coming soon as
we are still negotiating for a suitable venue.

Do drop us an e-mail at on questions
or registration information.

For people looking for business opportunities, we are also open to any for of
collaboration or strategic partnership.

Have a nice day and help us to spread the word around.
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