l_bird the Grand Chip'rs now a guest blogger

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l_bird the Grand Chip'rs now a guest blogger

New postby Zeroes » 05 Jul 2009 17:57

We are pleased to introduce our new blog author in CHIP online – l_berd. He’ll be starting a new section called l_berd Wares in the blog dealing with hardwares, gadgets and all these techie stuff that he’s well known for.

He may be new to our blogs site but to CHIP Forumers, l_berd is a long known friend. He has been a member of CHIP Forum since 25 Jan 2007. Since then, he has accumulated a prodigious tally of 3,729 post counts at the time of article, earning him the title Grand Chip’rs. According to his profile, l_berd is a sports mad trainee who hails from the golden island, Penang. Much to the despair of CHIP staffs, l_berd is Manchester United fan and we would love to see how he’ll be cheering for a certain ex-Liverpudian striker in the coming EPL season.

Let’s give him a big welcome and hope we’ll be enjoying his many postings to come. :cool:
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Re: l_bird the Grand Chip'rs now a guest blogger

New postby Justin » 06 Jul 2009 11:46

Welcome onboard berd...hehehe...

BTW, I am an Man Utd fan as well...so no despairs there!
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