Windows License (Question based on issue no.49)

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Windows License (Question based on issue no.49)

New postby lch36 » 13 Mar 2011 16:54

I have just finish reading the PC As Good As New At The Push Of A Button section.
I am wondering for the first part of the article (Remove Ads). Do we just need to copy the contents of the DVD into our new partition and when we restore it, will the license be restore automatically? If not, how can we backup the licences in Win7?

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Re: Windows License (Question based on issue no.49)

New postby dcheah » 22 Apr 2011 12:34

No, the activation key will not be backup or copied even you copy the entire DVD's content to your local HDD.

If you're system comes bundled with Win7 (eg. HP, Dell etc), then mostly the manufacturer had already provided you a restore disc(s). Take note that some manufacturer no longer provide such disc(s) but required you to manually create those recovery disc(s) yourself.

This is achived by running a backup program pre-installed by the manufacturer, contact your manufacturer's service centre for more help on performing such steps.

Hopes this helps.
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Re: Windows License (Question based on issue no.49)

New postby Ramirez » 24 Apr 2011 10:16

No. I think all Windows DVD installers don't come with licenses. You have to manually activate your Windows after install. (Check under your laptop or your DVD case). If you're just doing a Repair using your recovery partition (the one that you copied your Windows DVD to), you don't have to re-enter your license in case of a system crash because that doesn't count as a full reinstall. But, if your normal boot sector cannot be found at all, you might have to reformat to do a clean install.

I prefer copying my Windows DVD into a 4GB pendrive and set it as a bootable USB drive. This is more secure and saves your hdd space.
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