CPU and 3D Graphic Application

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CPU and 3D Graphic Application

New postby Kyion » 26 Feb 2011 16:53

I want ask CPU had 3D or Grahpic Featured?
someone know what I meaning。Sorry for my english。
It mean CPU and 3D application had matter/relationship?
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Re: CPU and 3D Graphic Application

New postby Hell's Angel » 02 Jun 2011 22:32

not quite sure what u trying to ask, but i will try to answer..
when addressing CPU, some may actually means the whole computer unit, (a desktop with casing and motherboard and everything u need except the monitors and the keyboards/mouse).. in that case, if they said CPU had 3D or Graphic featured, my wild guess would be it means the motherboard is built-in comes along with graphic chips modded on them, which means u don't have to install an external graphic card in order to have those features (of coz, we would anyway if we need to powerplay the pc, but it means at least it can runs at a basic requirement without the graphic cards..)
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